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"No level of technological sophistication can replace a handshake" - David Grammig
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David Grammig
Formerly a Director for International Relations
at a GCC-based single family office, David has established and continues to grow valued connections with fellow family offices until today.

Both knowledgeable and well associated with
the family office network, David combines his expertise in conferences and private business events. Working with David and his Grammig Advisory provides his clients with a unique and powerful point of access into the private investor world.
DAVID GRAMMIG IS A BUSINESS EVENTS PROFESSIONAL who has worked in banking, intelligence and business development in many countries around the world.
How we can
help you
GRAMMIG ADVISORY IS A BOUTIQUE CONSULTANCY FIRM that advises and actively supports single family offices and corporate clients in establishing, growing and maintaining sustainable networks of private investors.
Based in Zurich, with team members across Europe, Grammig Advisory operates globally and collaborates with single family office partners in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the U.S.
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You're in
good hands
OUR TEAM consists of professionals with decades of experience under their belts, reflecting the broad & global profiles of our clients.
Founder & Managing Director
Public Relations & Content
Global Project Manager
Research & FO Network Analyst
Design (external)
Why us
At Grammig Advisory we believe that networks grow the best when cared for and shared with those appreciating them.
Discretion, professionalism and a personalized approach mean we seek to engage with a carefully selected audience – quality of quantity! The needs of each of our clients are individually identified and catered to. Through collaborations with international partners we are able to expand our offering, ensuring the highest quality of our services.
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What we offer
Forming alliances and entering into partnerships are key elements for businesses and investors alike.
Building relationships, however, is a time-consuming undertaking, requires resources, experience and expertise. And that's what we are here for. Grammig Advisory provides unique and tailored platforms to engage with family office investors, to present financial services, solutions, investment opportunities and visions to a carefully selected and highly relevant audience.
Our offer consists of
Research, Analysis & Database
  • Identification of our client's specific investor network needs
  • Bespoke investor research
  • Thorough analysis of our research results
  • Setup of tailored investor database
  • Access to Grammig Advisory's investor network
  • Contact details of identified investors
PR, Comms & Investor Relations
  • Launching media campaigns in select outlets
  • Copy writing of articles and press releases
  • Marketing through the Grammig Advisory newsletter*
  • Social Media postings **
  • Investor engagement through personalised emails
  • Following up with investors
  • Communication of client's message

*30,000+ subscribers
**20,000+ connections
Platform, Live Investor Engagement
  • Organisation of client's bespoke live event
  • Setup technical infrastructure
  • Invitation design & distribution to select investors
  • Moderation of the event
  • Organization of guest speaker (if requested - extra cost)
What our clients say
We are looking forward to working with you
For inquiries contact the founder David Grammig
Zurich, Switzerland
+41 79 130 10 18