"No level of technological sophistication can replace a handshake" - David Grammig



david grammig

David is a business events professional who has worked in banking, intelligence, sales and business development in many countries around the world. 


Of Czech and German origin, David is multilingual and well-travelled, regularly working in the Middle East where he was a Director for International Relations at a GCC-based Single-Family Office. 


With a key role in connecting with family offices around the world, David is both knowledgeable and well associated with the family office network. Combined with his expertise in conferences and private business events, working with David gives your company unique and powerful access to an invaluable world of investment opportunity. 


"Conference attendance and sponsoring is the most effective way to identify and engage with new partners and prospects to establish sustainable relationships in a hyper-digitalized world".

- David Grammig

Founder and Managing Partner

how grammig

advisory can help you

At its heart, Grammig Advisory offers a bespoke platform for you to present your business to potential investors in the family office world. 

The attention of these sometimes rather inaccessible investors is much sought after and with good reason. Their wealth, networks and eye for investment can propel the right brands to success. 


Grammig Advisory can work with you to bring the attention of family offices to your brand, product or service in several ways. We also offer a suite of services for family offices themselves, including public affairs, advisory and engagement activities. 

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our services


Conference services



We represent conferences, find event sponsors, and market events to your target audience as part of our events calendar.


We help firms to position themselves at the right conferences, and in the right way, to achieve your goals.


We organize bespoke conferences on behalf of hosts, delivering public or private events both sponsored and sponsored.

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private events

We organise private and intimate gatherings of family offices, in the form of dinners, lectures and other low-key but carefully targeted events.

We help clients to gain access to the otherwise inaccessible family office network, particularly in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

We work with the concerns of family offices for whom privacy and security are paramount, creating events they can attend without risk to themselves, their image or their business interests.

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services to family offices


We help family offices to define and deliver an effective engagement strategy.


We position the next generations at our conference events to introduce them in a professional capacity.


We handle public affairs including press, representation at events, and international meetings.

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