• David Grammig

African Family Offices gathered in Cape Town

Alea Global Group hosted its first Africa event in Cape Town, South Africa and welcomed more than 45 delegates of African single family offices.

Delegates, speakers and service providers were able to meet informally between sessions. Among the speakers were Elizabeth and Vimbai Masiyiwa, the daughters of Zimbabwe's telecommunication tycoon Strive Masiyiwa, as well as Darshan Chandaria of Kenya's Chandaria Industries, Peter Fox from Somika Group in the DRC, cousins Keval and Mehul Mehta from South Africa and Interpay CEO Saqib Nazir from Ghana.

Interviews, talks and panels at the summit covered big picture topics such as "How to attract Middle Eastern family office investments to Africa", but looked also in more detail at Africa's mining, agriculture, healthcare, fashion and technology sector. Mapping the real estate industry in Africa and looking at how to successfully run a business across countries also formed part of the Africa-specific programme.

Expert speakers elaborate in more details soft topics such as succession planning and added valuable and up-to-date insights that are of great interest to family offices all over the world.

The Africa Family Office Investment Summit was the latest edition of a series of events around the world presented by Alea Global Group.

As a single family office Alea Global Group is able house their very own background and experience to build an event based around the needs, concerns and wishes of family businesses.

The Africa Family Office Investment Summit was designed specifically for families from Africa, and those with an interest in the region.

Alea Global Group presented a holistic picture of opportunities for investors by taking both location and industry sectors into account. The Al Duaij's family office sees the bigger picture and thinks long term; supporting family businesses to strengthen regional economies, leading to the creation of jobs and wealth for everyone.

The next edition of the Africa Family Office Investment Summit is scheduled for February 2020 and will take place in Mauritius.

For information on the event contact info@africafos.com and david@grammigadvisory.com

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