• David Grammig

Bringing Alternative Asset Investment Opportunities To A Platform Near You

High performance, diversity, and resilience are all words that are music to the ears of private investors looking to strengthen their investment portfolios. Until now, alternative investments have been a difficult asset class to enter, without the aid of traditional asset managers. With new advances in technology, however, this potentially lucrative area is becoming available directly.

The advantages of alternative assets have been clear for some time. Primarily focused around private equity and real estate, impact funds are now also an increasingly attractive option. They provide an investor with portfolio diversification, which in turn reduces risk exposure, whilst at the same time attracting potentially higher returns.

Private investors who seek to diversify their portfolios, generally look for low correlation across their investments. Against the traditional asset classes (stocks, bonds and cash), alternative assets tend to be a longer-term proposition, however the risks involved can reward the investor significantly higher.

Enter Dot Investing.

With a new, seamless technology solution, Dot Investing has opened up the alternative asset world directly to individual investors, and the opportunities across private equity, real estate and impact through three separate new funds. With the belief that private investors should be able to invest like sophisticated institutions, Dot Investing brings a wealth of expertise, and the tools to facilitate these opportunities.

Through the proprietary technology developed to maximise on simplicity for the client, private and alternative asset strategies, due diligence, screening, end-to-end subscription process and performance monitoring are now at the fingertips of individual investors for the first time.

Dot Investing brings a wealth of experience from many areas, including the family office world, investment management, private equity, buy- and sell-side investment strategy, due diligence, hedge funds, and digital transformation.

Kinson Lo, Founder, CEO, and visionary behind Dot Investing, along with Grammig Advisory, extend an invitation to attend a very special one-hour event on Wednesday, May 5th to learn about how your investment opportunities can be expanded through their new technology solution and funds. Make sure to register via this link, and we look forward to welcoming you then!

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