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Car Collecting Advisory - Insights From Alvaro Uzza

When I introduce myself as a car collector's advisor, I immediately get a perplexed facial expression, followed by: “So, what is it that you do, exactly?” High-profile advisory expands to virtually any area of life: from investments, succession, and business development, to rare jewellery collecting, vacation planning, and lifestyle coaching. Yet, when it comes to cars, which can be just as valuable as large diamonds or select real estate, the first association is usually a reputable dealer or an exclusive showroom.

What a car collector advisor does

There is nothing particularly wrong with buying your four-wheeled companion from a dealer, of course. But there is one little setback—more often than not, you will end up with a vehicle the salon had available, not the one you really wanted. It’s as straightforward as getting your suit off-the-rack versus having it custom-made by an accomplished tailor.

My job consists of getting to know your needs, preferences, and expectations to then leverage an expansive network and prepare a list of suitable candidates. From a classic convertible you’ll drive by the shore on weekends to an avant garde investment piece that will stay idly in the garage—my task is to guide you to the car you seek.

Who invests in cars

Despite the belief that car collectors are often automotive enthusiasts, the customer profile is very varied. Naturally, many people who employ my services know exactly what they want: a specific model, in a particular color, with a production year that matches a special birthday, a wedding anniversary, or a business launch.

However, a good deal of my clients are not car lovers. On the one hand, there are those who might not know much about cars and don’t bother with technical specifications. It’s the aesthetics they’re after, and it isn’t at all surprising—you don’t have to evaluate the horsepower to say a vehicle is beautiful.

At the same time, a car might not appear conventionally alluring but carry a lot of value due to sheer exclusivity. Once again, when it comes to status, expertness is not a must for my clients. After all, you might know how clocks work and still wholeheartedly appreciate a good Patek Philippe. So, they trust the technicalities to me and focus on enjoying a new chic possession.

Finally, cars can be a great solution to an investment portfolio diversification. When correctly selected, the pieces in your garage will continuously gain value. According to the Knight Frank luxury investment index, classic cars’ worth has elevated nearly 500% over the last decade. The impressive statistics, along with the previously mentioned decorative appeal, are more than enough to attract investors far beyond the car-lovers community.

Expensive doesn’t always mean exclusive

Now, the fact that car collecting became popular among a broader group came with a few complications. Namely, the widespread confusion that expensive equals exclusive when it comes to luxury cars. I often come across people who do not consider themselves car fans but still have a few vehicles in the garage. Some of them have been lucky to follow intuition and purchase truly valuable motors. In contrast, others wound up with tremendously expansive famous brand-names that present out-of-proportion depreciation rates.

All you really need to put such a dead-horse in your collection is a couple of marketing techniques and a very persuasive salesperson. As a result, you consider yourself an exclusive-vehicle owner until you see dozens of the same car on the streets of Dubai, London, Los Angeles, or Singapore. It’s quite logical that people with a similar income level will aim towards identical purchases. Therefore we should steer away from putting an equality sign between the concepts of expensive and exclusive.

The perks of car collecting advisory

Instead, anyone who is considering growing their car collection but doesn’t have sufficient time or expertise will turn to an advisor. In my work, I combine in-depth knowledge with years of experience and thousands of connections to offer bespoke car collecting advice. Whatever it is you are after, I will both locate it and assist you throughout the negotiation process to ensure the top quality and the best price. Simply said: there are plenty of excellent opportunities in the market when you know where to look—and I do.

Alvaro Uzza is the Founder of Uzza Motorsport and domiciled in Spain. You can reach him by email: a.uzza@uzzamotorsport.com

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