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"Networking events are key to our company’s success"- Evi Angelakis

Golden Key Realty Group is an investment sales firm with headquarters in New York. We focus on sales of hotels, development sites, mixed-use properties, shopping centers and multifamily properties throughout the US. Our clientele ranges from family offices to savvy NYC investors their international institutional counterparts.

The wide variety of our international clients allows us to travel and meet investors all over the world. We also attend many real estate related forums, summits and conferences and sponsor varies events throughout the year. On average we attend more than 15 such events every year and sponsor about one third of them.

Evi Angelakis - Sponsor of the Middle East Family Office Investment Summit (Nov 2018)

The reason for attending is networking. Whether it is to build new business relationships or strengthen existing ones, networking events are key to our company’s success.

When sponsoring such events, it is important to understand what to expect and although it is difficult to predict the exact outcome, it is important to have some guidance in order to increase the return on that investment by sponsoring the right events.

The best example I can give here is the following: I sponsored two events last year in Dubai. Both events were within a week of each other. The first turned out to be a complete success, where I established relationships with the likes of Maha Al-Ghunaim and other high-profile business decision makers in the Middle East. The second left me quite disappointed as I didn’t realize until later that there was very little interest in real estate and the focus was mostly on blockchain and artificial intelligence.

It would have been very helpful having an insider or someone that understood the Middle East well to guide me through the process. Unfortunately, I learnt the hard way. Now I am more selective on what we sponsor or attend. I tend to look more carefully at the names of the attendees as well as their position within the company they represent. 

Establishing a relationship with CEOs or the ones in the higher management suite is most beneficial as these are the prospects that can convert into business. And based on the trust and respect you earn, referrals may follow.

Evi Angelakis - Founder Golden Key Realty Group

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