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Grammig Advisory Joined Simple Team Of Consultants To Future-Facing Family Offices And UHNWI's

We're thrilled to announce that Grammig Advisory founder, David Grammig, has recently teamed up with Simple as a consultant to future-facing family offices and ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

Grammig comments, ‘I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with a team who understands the intricacies of working with families who not only prioritise their soft factors but also run their investments like a business’.

Simple, started in 2016, is a specialist consultancy focussed on the various challenges that face family offices and business families when they begin professionalising their operations. The company also regularly publishes unique insights and research within the family office space and releases bespoke tools - crafted for family offices, professionalised private investors and banks as well as financial service providers. Simple’s aim is to gain a better understanding of who the family is, what moves them and then to ensure that their investments are ultimately better aligned to their greater purpose.

According to Simple founder Francois Botha, this is the perfect time for this type of offering, ‘Today, purpose carries as much weight as money. Driven largely by the millennial mindset, family offices are increasingly asking big questions like, "Why are we here? What is our purpose?"’ He adds that ‘By defining a greater purpose, family offices are able also to share a common vision that has the power to engage the next generation’.

Simple can assist their clients in setting up new family office operations or improving existing organisations. The Simple approach of starting with a clearly defined purpose stems from various future-facing best-practices adopted by organisations the world over. With a greater purpose to work towards, the core building blocks can be brought into place in areas like business strategy, digitalisation, research, innovation, communication, knowledge sharing and developing better governance structures.

Simple chose to roll out their international expansion with a global network of independent consultants. The idea behind this was to quickly expand on the necessary resources that families might need in future. The team is also currently open to applications from other independent consultants who either work with families or who have a hypothetical use case for their services within the family office of the future.

As a Simple consultant, David will be advising clients on how to effectively use events as part of their reputation management as well as the other tools that are available to help families raise their profile and position them internationally.

More about what Simple offers prospective consultants.

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