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Grammig Advisory In Collaboration With Lorange Network

According to the Six Handshakes Rule, you can connect with virtually anyone in the world through a chain of only five people. Starting now, Grammig Advisory and Lorange Network will bring this number down through their collaborative relationship and get you to the right person much faster.

Introducing the Lorange Network

Lorange Network is a growing digital community of family business owners, family office principals, entrepreneurs, founders, and large private investors. The core of the Lorange Network’s philosophy is that lifelong and real-world learning coupled with networking and investment opportunities can bring better performance and growth. Being a family business itself, Lorange Network sees family-operated enterprises as an inspiration for companies everywhere.

The Lorange Network is a legacy of its founder, Dr. Peter Lorange, who found the balance between successfully managing a family business and pursuing a lifelong dream of academic excellence. Dr. Peter Lorange also runs his own Family Office—S. Ugelstad Invest, active in five primary business sectors through over 30 activities and investments. He has held presidential positions at two major Swiss business schools: IMD and his own Lorange Institute of Business (now CEIBS). Inspired by Dr. Lorange’s professional and academic careers, the Lorange Network is both a communication vessel and a peer-to-peer learning platform with a focus on creating and preserving wealth.

A Growing Community

Grammig Advisory offers bespoke services that enable effective fundraising while simultaneously developing global networks of engaged and relevant investors. Through David Grammig and his team, the Advisory’s clients are able to represent their interests with the most beneficial outcome. The company’s signature tailored approach allows anyone within Grammig’s network to find their voice and incorporate their forces with compatible entrepreneurs, families, and private investors.

The vigorously expanding Lorange Network currently consists of over 3,100 members from diverse backgrounds, geographies, and industries. Each new member arrives with a passion for evolving, learning, and connecting and stays for the ongoing discussion of value creation and preservation. Lorange Network’s online content offering includes sharp insights, book reviews, and executive profiles, as well as webinars, podcasts, investor get-togethers, and roundtables. The platform also allows the expert contributors and members to engage in lively debates through queries and commentaries and find new perspectives and endless possibilities.

Grammig Advisory and Lorange Network welcome their respective communities to embrace the networking and escalate it to a new level. Fund seekers and investors from both sides will have plenty of occasions to engage, share, and mutually benefit.

The New Deal Horizon

Lorange Network’s extensive educational base includes space for learning-by-doing. Their Deal Wall is a co-investing area within the platform inspired by Lorange Network’s community investment activities. Premium Members can share the details of the deals they participate in and invite others to join. The opportunities featured on the Deal Wall include private equity, shipping, real estate, and other relevant ventures.

The recent Grammig-Lorange Network collaboration can therefore widen the deal scope currently available to both communities. Through tailored introductions to unique co-investment opportunities, members and clients of Grammig Advisory and Lorange Network will enjoy a boosted experience, new connections, and an enhanced offering of unique investment opportunities.

The Networking Events

Lorange Network and Grammig also plan to co-host events. While large-scale conferences are still temporarily halted by the pandemic, both companies aim to continue discovering ways to bring together inspiring people and projects. Through webinars and virtual roundtables, Grammig Advisory and Lorange Network will plan to cover compelling and relevant topics.

Each gathering, whether online or in-person, will encourage a discussion, present new opportunities and angles, as well as bring together like-minded industry insiders. As an example, Lorange Network’s recent events covered topics like health tech and sustainability, unfavourable investment opportunities, and the role of technological advancements in social entrepreneurship. At the same time, Grammig Advisory is arranging investor meetups to address the pressing matters of alternative financial instruments in real estate investing, as well as facilitating fundraising for biotech and pharmaceutical ventures.

Lorange Network and Grammig Advisory: An Inspiration For Entrepreneurial Growth

Grammig Advisory and Lorange Network’s recent decision to further collaborate by inviting their communities to connect is a win-win for everyone and a step towards unlocking the unexplored potential through peer-to-peer learning and high-level opportunity exchange. By combining Lorange Network’s admiration for family values and their unique business potential and Grammig’s pursuit of sustainable personal relationships in a hyper-digitalized world, the two companies will encourage a new era of entrepreneurship.

For more information visit the website of the Lorange Network: https://www.lorangenetwork.com/

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