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Grammig Advisory Teams Up With Secret Dinner CEO Talia Tugeman To Complement Our Service Offer

The perfect dinner consists of phenomenal food, perfectly selected wine, great company and meaningful conversation, all within a stylish venue. The pioneering Secret Dinner and Grammig Advisory’s most exciting, recent collaboration, revolutionising the networking experience. This partnership will enable our clients to optimise their networking potential, establishing worthwhile and meaningful connections through meticulously organised events.

Founded in 2018 by business development guru Talia Turgeman, Secret Dinner provides the perfect setting for attendees to engage and connect with other like minded people from similar professional fields. Unlike any other company, Secret Dinner tunes into the wants and needs of the client,  carefully sourcing and inviting up to 15 attendees, facilitating all those in attendance with the opportunity to build valuable connections.

Talia understood through her extensive experience in marketing, sales, public relations and community development that in order for businesses to flourish and progress, significant time and effort must be apportioned into building relationships with people to recognise opportunity, share and expand knowledge. Organisers listen to and deliver the specific aims of the client through carefully curated and designed events, precipitating the sharing of new ideas and opening the door to potential endeavours and collaborations.

The congenial and convivial atmosphere fostered through the intimate Secret Dinner setting, seamlessly establishes important nexuses between thoughtfully selected individuals and companies, thus delivering a platform in which all can confidently share, explore and discuss. The group’s reach is global, bringing together interests from all corners of the world. Champagne receptions and phenomenally delicious gourmet dining only elevate the experience to new heights.

Secret Dinner hosts these especially splendid events in various locations worldwide, including Berlin, London, New York, Tel Aviv and Zurich. Guests are aware of the designated city but the exact location is shrouded in mystery until their attendance is confirmed. Secret Dinner collaborates with companies committed to connecting people, establishing global communities led by prominent industry professionals and other like minded contemporaries.

Secret Dinner’s secret weapon is that it is unlike any other networking event in so far as it successfully creates an invitingly intimate atmosphere whilst providing access to a global community of influencers and leaders. This is an ostensibly challenging balance to strike however Talia and her team of consummate professionals make it appear effortless. The perfect meeting of business and pleasure served with elegance, style and stellar food.

Grammig Advisory and Secret Dinner are joined in their shared goal to initiate expansion of client’s networking circles, driving growth and adding value to businesses through strategically planned and perfectly executed exclusive events.

For more information on Secret Dinner visit www.secretdinnertime.com

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