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Join a fireside chat with Sir Christopher Pissarides and Dr. Ranjit Nayak hosted by Corinth Capital

After a highly turbulent 2020, the new decade begins with a search for sustainability and certainty. As investors’ preferences shift towards more perpetual solutions, a new challenge arises: which platform would provide an investor with access to the most promising, high-yielding and sustainable opportunities? This is where Corinth Capital Fund comes in.

Meet Corinth Capital

Corinth Capital is a fund for well-informed, professional investors whose primary focus is to provide access to capital and ongoing support to businesses providing solutions to issues pertaining to ESG themes. Green Energy, Agriculture, Waste Management and Digitisationoptimising processes and operations and reducing wasteare some of the niches that Corinth is active in. The fund’s attractive return profile emanates from its broad, well-established network of associates that allows privileged access to select high-quality assets. Those mentioned above, coupled with vigorous transaction structuring, enables Corinth to offer investors a highly attractive, niche product with superior fixed returns and minimal downside risk.

Corinth Capital is successfully combining enhanced security and attractive returns by carefully selecting and actively managing each project every step of the way. The process begins with the identification and primary screening of investment opportunities sourced through an extensive and robust international network of trusted associates. From initial evaluation to capital deployment, the investment process is managed and overseen by a seasoned team of industry professionals with unparalleled experience and insight, developed after years of global market activity.

Every project goes through a phase of thorough due diligence, asset valuation, and benchmarking. With the support of its advisory board, Corinth Capital’s investment committee ensures the viability and upside potential of every proposal before granting their approval. According to the fund’s philosophy, a project’s cash generation profile, the relevant market’s growth trajectory and the quality of its management team are crucial elements for success. To that end, a robust, multi-layered evaluation process is in place, guaranteeing asset selection with an optimal risk-return profile.

The following stage constitutes ensuring the invested capital and the project with top-tier insurance companies. The fund will then manage, supervise and support the project, delivering a fixed 8%, net, annual return starting from year one.

Investing In The Future

Corinth Capital outlines the Green Energy segment as one of their primary focus areas. Consequently, the fund’s vision is closely aligned with the global perspective on renewable energy sources. With lower green power costs, broad energy access, and reduced levels of emissions and air pollution at the core of their investment strategy, Corinth Capital is the first choice for investors interested in ESG investment themes.

With the already mentioned dynamic screening process and the extensive global network, Corinth Capital is very well placed to offer investors a very attractive return through sustainable investing. According to the fund, early 2021 is the best possible time to enter the ESG scene, as decade-defining trends begin to take shape.

Corinth Capital Advisory Board

The strongest asset of Corinth Capital is the people that ensure the success of every venture. Complimenting the fund’s exceedingly competent Board of Directors is the Advisory Board that consists of four members selected based on their diverse experience and success record.

Sir Christopher A. Pissarides is the 2010 Nobel Prize laureate in Economics and the Macro/National Economics and Technology Adoption advisor at Corinth Capital. Sir Christopher is a macroeconomist focusing on the economics of labour markets, economic growth, and structural change and, in particular, these parameters’ relation to obstacles to the free-market clearing. Over the preceding decade, he has worked on the employment implications of automation and artificial intelligence and China’s emergence as a global economic force.

Dr. Ranjit Nayak is the Financial Economics, Banking and Monetary Policy advisor to Corinth Capital with over thirty years of experience in multilateral, bilateral, government, non-government, and corporate domains. After holding various senior positions at the World Bank in Washington, DC, for 20 years, Dr. Nayak established two successful private enterprises - the Engineering Development Company and a high-tech IT firm, Falcon Global. Furthermore, Dr. Ranjit Nayak has served as the Chief Advisor on EU Affairs for the Government of North Macedonia until 2019 and is currently advising the Government of Lebanon on its economy.

Michael Karloutsos advises Corinth Capital on matters of Geopolitics and Geoeconomics as well as Political Economics. Mr. Karloutsos served as the Deputy Chief of Protocol and Acting Chief for the United States Department of State. Appointed to this position in March 2017, Michael led US diplomacy and performed critical roles in missions to Central and South America, Asia and the Middle East. Prior to his diplomatic endeavours, he was the President and CEO of MAK Consulting LLC, a boutique consultancy specialising in health care, education, finance, energy, and hospitality.

Professor Theodosios Palaskas is a prominent Economist with a global reputation and a diverse career that ranges from academia to wealth management. Professor Palaskas advises Corinth Capital on Corporate Finance and Management as well as on Energy, Environment, and Policy Incentives. Professor Theodosios Palaskas’ record includes effective coordination of over eighty projects, including Drivers of Regional Business Cycles Synchronization in Greece, the Waste-Tyre Pyrolysis, the Electricity Market in Greece, and many others.

A Fireside chat with Sir Christopher Pissarides and Dr. Ranjit Nayak

On Wednesday, March 24, Corinth Capital and Grammig Advisory invite you to seize a unique opportunity to join a fireside chat with Sir Christopher Pissarides and Dr. Ranjit Nayak. During a one-hour session, you will explore how the Covid-19 pandemic led governments to focus on sustainable development and the ways private investors could benefit from this. Make sure to register via this link to discover the recent outlook on sustainable investments and get all your related questions answered during an interactive Q&A.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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