• David Grammig

Our Team Is Growing

I acknowledge how hard times have been for many in our industries, and those running businesses in sectors that are very much dependent on people going out, socializing and spending money.

That’s why I am ever so grateful for the path of growth we are on in 2020. Grammig Advisory has adapted to the situation and our services of tailored network building is in more demand than ever.

In order to meet our clients’ expectations, to deliver outstanding services and cope with the increasing number of customers the team grew by two new members in November and December alone.

Our first newcomer is Paul Gibson who joined as an Account Manager and accompanies our clients from the first inquiry up to the when we deliver our services. With years of experience in the media industry and various roles in fund raising and corporate affairs, Paul maintains a very strong network of media contacts, investors and funds across Europe.

Our second newcomer is Mohamed Choukri who currently finishes his Master’s degree in Financial and Accounting Management. Mohamed joint as Family Office & Investor Network Analyst and is responsible for the research side of our business.

We are proud to welcome these two dedicated gentlemen to our team and continue to serve our clients around the world.

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