• David Grammig

Part 2 of 7 - Network with Impact

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic doesn’t lessen the importance of networking.

First, I wish to you all, your family and loved ones to be safe and healthy.

You may be working from Home. Perhaps, in complete lock-down or limited travelling and face to face encounter. It does not mean no Networking effort.

In the last Newsletter, we covered the difference between Socializing and Networking.

Networking with Impact has 4 stages:

· First you need to Prepare,

· Second, when you meet someone you need to be liked,

· Third, get to know each other’s.

· Last, nurture the relationship leading up to trust

Today we are going to look at some of the elements of the preparation phase. The good thing is you do not need to go anywhere for this part.

1. Mindset and the strength of weak ties

We are creatures of habits. Habits makes us comfortable. We are often stuck in a narrow social network, with very similar people.

In 1973, Stanford sociology professor Mark Granovetter published an empirical paper called The Strength of Weak Ties. https://techcrunch.com/2016/04/26/weak-ties-matter/). It argues that your next big opportunity lies in the people you do not know yet or that you hardly know. The weak ties are a bridge to new networks.

What does it mean to you?

You need to break habits. Change your intention about expanding your Network and talk to the least obvious person you would naturally be attracted to. In short, be ready to step outside your comfort zone.

Here is an invitation to take a 15-minute break to watch Tanya Menon – TED Talk: The secret to great opportunities? The person you have not met yet.


2. How to select the right events

The Type of Networking event that suits you might, ironically, mean attending networking events that don’t suit you at all.

Let me explain by using an example.

If you want to do business with accountants, find out where accountants go.

Then go there even if you cannot read a Balance sheet.

For extra impact & extra efficiency, whenever possible, start the conversation before the event. Social media such as LinkedIn is perfect to assess who is joining an event.

In time of less restrictions, favour experiences that are intuitively easier for you such as meeting for coffee or lunch.

Next month will be on the last 3 elements of the Preparation phase:

· Prepare to answer: "How can I help you?"

· Set smart goals

· and get your social pitch ready.

Knowing that eventually, one day, in a month, a season, or a year, you can go back to actively Network with Impact.

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