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Grammig Advisory Introduces: The Seed Pitch Series 2021 - Bringing Ideas and Investors Together

Updated: Jan 25

Grammig Advisory is proud to announce that in 2021, we will be launching the inaugural “Seed Pitch Series” for Family Offices, VCs, Funds and Investors.

2020 has been a challenging year, both for investors and startups alike, however there has still been a wealth of extremely innovative and disruptive companies pushing the boundaries in sectors ranging from biotech, fintech, food technology, hospitality, AI and software-related advances. There have been success stories across all of these sectors, providing no shortage of inspiration, from Barcelona to Sofia.

Without startup funding, the vast majority of these companies would just die. Seed (or Series A) capital is needed for these companies to be able to grow fast and competitively, with the aim of hiring staff, and allowing them to further develop their product, marketing and sales.

Compelling ideas create the platform for these companies to realise their vision. Investors need to see, feel, and understand that there is a market fit and see that the product is actually growing. Grammig Advisory, through relationships with innovative startups across the whole of Europe, will bring these to your doorstep.

All founded in the last few years, Grammig Advisory will create the platform for, and present some early-stage, fast-growing teams with great projects that are seeking financing to bring their ideas to fruition and expansion.

This is an opportunity to see, and gauge first-hand some of the great early-stage investment opportunities in Europe from the comfort of your own home or office.


Grammig Advisory will arrange and host a monthly, themed live webinar over the course of four months, bringing together what we believe are 24 of the most exciting companies in Europe to showcase their products across four sectors;

17 March Fintech Investors register here

21 April Biotech/Pharma Investors register here

19 May Food/Agritech Investors register here

16 June Technology Investors register here

With six companies in each webinar, each founder will present their product for a maximum of 10 minutes, with a further 5 minutes of Q&A afterwards, to allow the carefully-selected investors to question the startups.

Total Time: 1 ½ hours

Secure your place

Grammig Advisory is a boutique consultancy firm that advises and actively supports single family offices and corporate clients in establishing, growing and maintaining sustainable networks of private investors. Based in Zurich, with team members across Europe and the U.S., Grammig Advisory operates globally and collaborates with single family office partners in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the U.S.

For more information, or to book your place as a start up, please contact David Grammig at david@grammigadvisory.com

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