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Taking Next-Generation Investors Beyond

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Over the next 40 years millennials and Generation X stand to inherit $41 trillion in a major intergenerational transfer of wealth. Millennials that have grown up in a time of rapid change, giving them a set of priorities and expectations sharply different from previous generations, Goldman Sachs Insights

The wealth management industry has been built on the premise that safeguarding and growing clients’ assets is the primary objective. The new generation is looking to align their investments with their values. How does one go about to address this paradigm shift? And what does it take to engage the next gen investors in the core family business?

Francois Botha and David Grammig are the co-founders of Beyond, and created a completely new way to engage with next-generation investors. Both, Francois and David, work extensively with single family offices and noticed that only few valuable programmes are offered to next-gens – whether they are millennials or members of the generations X, Y and Z.

Addressing the Future Business Leaders

The programme is build around the needs and concerns of the next generation when it comes to identifying impactful investment opportunities or preparing for the role as a future family business owner. But the programme also addresses personal questions: Am I fit to take over the family business? Is it even what I want and can I unfold my talents and capabilities?

Beyond offers bespoke solutions for small groups of travellers by conducting personal interviews, analysing individual needs, interests and concerns. To achieve the greatest possible impact Beyond teams up with some of the world's leading universities and takes coaches, lecturers and experts on the trip. Travellers won't have to sit through boring classroom sessions but will be handed the tools they are looking for while travelling.

Improving Quality of Life

An increasing number of next gens suffers from mental illness and struggles with the tremendous pressure that comes from being born into a successful family of business leaders and entrepreneurs. The questions of succession in combination with driven parents and a wide range of opportunities often makes next-gens wonder if they are up to the task or if the family business is the right choice after all.

In the last 15 years or so, academics have spent an increasing amount of time studying the affluent and what can ail them, and there is an emerging consensus that their children often have higher rates of depression and anxiety and elevated levels of substance abuse and certain delinquent behaviours. This study from 2012 published by Eric Dearing and Therese J. Lund supports this further.

Beyond will address this serious topic through interactive workshops in collaboration with acknowledged happiness research institutions and certified coaches to work in-depth to improve self-worth, happiness and allow young people to find purpose in life.

Investing with Purpose

In the wake of the global frenzy ignited by the Internet, rapid technological innovation, an ever-greater focus on efficiency and cutthroat globalization, people are now looking to reintroduce substance, meaning and purpose into their lives. In a world where everything seems so instant, digitized and fleeting, people are yearning for things, ideas and causes they can care about and cherish. (Brookings report on millennials)

The wealth management industry has been built on the premise that safeguarding and growing clients’ assets is the primary objective. From time to time, a discussion around charitable giving might come up, but the primary focus has always been on financial returns, above all else. That will seize to be the case. Next generation investors are increasingly looking to align their investments with their values.

But change is coming and “making money” no longer suffices as purpose and driver to follow a certain career path. This also impacts the current generation who needs to find ways to engage their children and grand-children in the family business.

Beyond have teamed up with some of the world's most innovative startups and companies to visit them and present opportunities to invest in the future, help those ventures go global or simply find inspiration to start something new. These are unique opportunities to get to know founders and experience how companies works from the inside - in the context of their social, cultural, political and economic environment. The aim is to spark new purpose driven investment and long-term partnerships.

Developing Skills

Beyond combines the best of multiple programmes and takes participants on a journey - not just to visit countries and explore investments, but to learn about their talents, skills and interests they might not be aware of.

Through the programme the travellers will learn as much about the world of impact investing as they will learn about themselves. Self-confidence, vision and personal abilities are developed and strengthened in workshops that are tailored to fit the individual profiles of the participants. In a hyper-connected word and constant stream of news and information Beyond encourages critical thinking, formulating solutions to problems the business might face and an outside-the-box approach to challenges.

Different Regions & Cultures

All this can be achieved only by leaving one's comfort zone, by travelling and finding inspiration to fundamentally different approaches to the same problem. Rwanda's booming start-up scene is an innovative antidote to the over-engineered Silicon Valley, while Estonia's fintech scene will allow a different perspective than Singapore when it comes to developing solutions for the banking of the future.

Beyond widens a traveller's horizon and offers insights into the world's leading start-ups. Meeting with innovators, entrepreneurs and world leaders equips each and single one to take a look at the bigger picture, to understand the thinking behind solutions and to develop greater appreciation for ideas.

Introducing sustainable and impactful investments, conveying a tailored curriculum and addressing the personal situation of each travellers while discovering the world makes Beyond an outstanding programme for any next generation investor.

If you would like to learn more get in touch - hi@gobeyondtoday.co

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