• David Grammig

The Fund-Raising Enabler

Every time I introduce Grammig Advisory I stress that our firm is not a fundraiser and does not want to be one. Grammig Advisory is a focused and dedicated network builder for our clients. Through building networks for our clients, we enable them to fund raise themselves. Our job is to provide our clients with a tailored and curated audience of family offices and private investors based on the specific criteria given to us by our clients.

Fundraising requires two things – firstly, absolute dedication to your firm, an internalization of the vision and an unshakable believe in your product and capabilities. Secondly, a fundraiser needs to be so familiar with the firm and the product that he or she can answer virtually every question from the top of his or her head. That means, a fund raiser needs to be an integral part of the institution.

It is, therefore, our believe that fundraising should always be carried out by a dedicated team of professionals that are deeply embedded in the firm and carry its DNA. Third party service providers will never be able to show the same form of enthusiasm for a fund, startup or service provider they represent for a limited amount of time. They will also never have the same amount of knowledge and insights necessary to answer all of an investor’s questions fully satisfactory.

Most firms require the services of third-party fund raisers not because of their own incapability of conveying a message, making a strong point for their own product and convincing an investor. Most firms require those services because they simple do not know who to pitch to and how to be heard.

This applies to both, startups who have no network within the VC environment, but also to established financial service providers looking to expand into new territories without a local presence. While a startup founder maintains a network of industry experts, tech wizards and product developers, his phone book might not contain a single investor contact to call. And while a Swiss asset manager maintains a strong network of UHNW clients in the DACH region, things might look very differently when talking about the Gulf region.

What it takes to make both of them (start up or asset manager) successful in their quest for investors or clients is not someone representing them and telling their story on their behalf. What’s important is that both have the right audience to speak to. The startup founder will convey his vision to visionary entrepreneurs with an understanding of the underlying technology or vision. While the asset manager is best equipped to elaborate on their investment strategy, unique service offering and past performance.

So, what role does Grammig Advisory fulfill? As a fundraising enabler our job is to research and analyze potential investors, build networks for you and curate a relevant audience you can address. As a host and organizer of large family office conferences we admit that these opportunities aren’t the best fit for all of our clients. The smaller the niche our clients fill, the more specific and tailored their audience needs to be to achieve maximum impact and guarantee the highest possible relevance of investors for a fund raiser.

We want you to do what nobody does better than yourself: sell yourself, your vision and your product. What we do for you is take away the hassle of identifying and building the right audience for you.

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