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ZmBIZI: The Phone That Pays You

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

The Mobile Smartphone industry, with all its potential, has significantly slowed down in recent years. We all carry similar-looking gadgets that essentially offer the same features. Users are becoming more demanding towards their phones, yet there is very little innovation. It seems like the only ones benefiting are the large corporations who have created technology monopolies.

ZmBIZI, the new Super App ecosystem, is aiming to add a new dimension to the evolution of mobile phone usage.

By introducing the “Phone that pays you”, ZmBIZI’s development team have put themselves in the shoes of the underprivileged and multicultural community members. In the shoes of those, who are in deep need for a device that’s not just a phone, but rather a tool that can empower and enhance their lives.

2020 is one of the most challenging years in history. Humanity is facing the threshold of a new way of living. Covid-19 has locked everyone inside, deprived us of things that used to be so effortlessly normal: going to work, hanging out with friends, getting groceries.

In just a few months most people have revised their values and adjusted. It has become clear that technology is beyond crucial for survival. From video chat with a distant relative to a conference call with colleagues: everything happens within the mere inches of a smartphone screen.

But is it enough? Can our phones be more than just a technical tool? These are the exact questions that ZmBIZI has answered.

Unlike any other phone currently in the market, ZmBIZI is going to reward its users for everyday activities. This means getting acknowledged and reimbursed each time you search, shop or share via your phone.

The reward points get accumulated within ZmBIZI’s proprietary rewards wallet and can then be redeemed for cash through a ZmBIZI Visa debit card that comes along with the phone at no charge. It would be safe to say that monetizing the time spent browsing, which grew tremendously during the pandemic, is easily the dream for most young people.

Going further down the lane of ZmBIZI phone’s financial capacities, the innovative built-in TAP and PAY™ technology will create an opportunity for millions of micro merchants to drive their payments more efficiently via Contactless NFC. This feature will be a game changer for small business owners and individual traders. The phone itself will become a receiving terminal, which eliminates the need for payment processing equipment and along with it — unreasonable service provider’s fees.

As the phone and the online banking account merge, it opens up an entire ocean of additional possibilities. For example, eager to learn scholars, who aren’t comfortable with the idea of Student debt, will be able to access direct private financing through a mobile ISA marketplace.

This is just the first stage of how ZmBIZI will revolutionize the smartphone market. Next comes the message it will spread across marginalized communities as well as beyond their borders.

As a result of a tragic event that unfolded in the last week of May 2020, the Black community rightfully began to gain presence. ZmBIZI, being a part of the movement, is THE Digital voice for the demographic.

The name ZmBIZI consists of several components, but before anything else it takes after the great African river Zambezi, a river that connects and provides life to vast amounts of people who live alongside its banks. Similarly, ZmBIZI will create an interactive platform for everyone invested in the prosperity of Black Excellence.

ZmBIZI’s clear social ethos will chime with an increasingly socially conscious youth, in turn encouraging brand trust and greater penetration of the services ecosystem among its user base. Targeting a multicultural urban audience is very logical from the perspective of the team’s backgrounds, the company's ethos and the evident market opportunity.

ZmBIZI is trailblazing, as it encourages product adoption from its clear social purpose and implementation of its mobile ecosystem using customer rewards. The market group is well understood. Image conscious consumers repeatedly demonstrate their avidity for products they feel represented by. Kanye West achieved it in partnership with Adidas selling his Yeezy sneakers. Sean “P Diddy” Combs propelled Ciroc Vodka sales by making the brand synonymous with celebrity parties and Dr. Dre combined hardware with software in his Beats headphones offering, which rapidly grew to 64% market share before being sold to Apple Inc in August 2014 for $3 billion.

ZmBIZI with its registered technology patents is a 100% Black owned USA technology company, designed to meet and exceed the requirements of underrepresented communities.

The ZmBIZI SuperApp is a combination of software and hardware that brings to the table a highly enjoyable and effective set of digital experiences. Starting from the main idea of simplified and improved banking on the go, the phone will allow its user to manage and grow their wealth by processing, sending and receiving regular payments as well as by being rewarded for usage.

The BIZ part of ZmBIZI stands for “business”, which is a clear statement that this is a phone for entrepreneurs and their audiences. The default app ecosystem will include instruments, such as: cloud storage, file share, task manager and mobile insurance, which will ensure that the relevant tools are there to increase the user’s productivity.

Another area taken to a whole new level with ZmBIZI is Mobile shopping. The Camshop app and AI based visual search engine will allow users to buy items they spot on social media or elsewhere. While a regular picture search can only demonstrate similar images to help identify what’s on the photo, Camshop takes users directly to a space where an exact or similar unit can be purchased. This way fashion trend following and celebrity style inspiration scouting become as effortless and as pleasant as possible.

Pleasant shopping, however, is not the only thing that got improved compared to smartphones we all currently carry. ZmBIZI offers a whole range of sensational audio and visual experiences. The partnership with George Lucas’s THX Corp brings capacity for spatial audio, something that has never been found in a phone before. This technology works by adjusting the sound transmission to an individual ear anatomy of the user. Needless to say, watching videos and movies on a smartphone will never be the same again.

Unique video editing features are ideal for aspiring directors. ZmBIZI lets users access a nearly professional variety of editing tools, without any need for third party applications. Simply shoot a clip, perfect it with just a couple of taps and share with anyone who’d like to check it out: all in one place.

The recent virus pandemic has also taught us that it can be lifesaving to have access to eligible health advice from the safety of your home. ZmBIZI has got that area covered as well. An entire spectrum of Telemedicine solutions is there to answer all health related questions, whether it is out of simple curiosity or a genuine concern. So, this phone is not just your bank, shopping mall and entertainment center, but also a hospital staffed with licensed doctors from all areas of expertise.

Perhaps, the best word to describe ZmBIZI’s SuperApp system is IZI, because that’s exactly what it is: EASY to navigate. Minimalistic design of the default setting can compliment any look and lifestyle. And in case there is no app to meet your specific requirements, a simple-to-use app finder is there to help.

If we get technical for a few moments, ZmBIZI will operate on Google certified Android P (9.0) platform and will have a capacity to upgrade to Android Q (10.0) by the end of 2020. The smartphone offers dual SIM capacity and up to 350 hours of battery standby time, both of which are popular among business owners, students or anyone else who uses their smartphone for learning or working.

A simple, yet distinguishable translucent design with a fingerprint sensor, high capacity rear and front cameras and NFC technology: ZmBIZI is everything you want to find in a modern smartphone. It will be fair to say that the combination of technological features and the message that ZmBIZI spreads across underprivileged communities are going to rapidly popularize it throughout the targeted segment. Now, when can we expect the next big phone out in the market?

After the launch in Las Vegas in January 2020, ZmBIZI is now available for pre-order on their website (www.zmbizi.com). The initial retail price for the device is set at $444, which comfortably places it in the mid-tier category. Starting with 4G LTE smartphones sold across the US in 2020 and going towards retailing 5G devices between 2021 and 2025, ZmBIZI is expected to fill a noticeable niche and become one of the fastest growing technology companies in America.

Although the initial focus is going to remain around the USA, ZmBIZI realizes that the appeal of getting paid for smartphone usage will eventually grow into global interest. The phones are going to be available for international purchases from the start, albeit with limited software feature offerings.

In summary, we’ve got a really promising future in the field of smartphone technologies. ZmBIZI is leading the industry into the generation of communication devices that are beyond functional with a smartphone that rewards the user for interacting with it and sends a strong supportive message across all underrepresented communities. Additionally, the company’s management is a team of proven entrepreneurs with backgrounds in mobile device, card payment and Hip Hop music environments.

ZmBIZI is at the very beginning of their long, high-potential journey. At this point the company is seeking additional growth capital to help scale its offerings to the world.

Grammig Advisory and ZmBIZI are inviting you to join an interactive webinar meetup on June 24th, 2020 at 4 PM GMT - REGISTER HERE.

During the meetup you will get to hear first hand from the Co-Founders Alpesh Patel and Vince Carol, as well as from their IP expert, Steve Brown. ZmBIZI will be conducting a live demo presentation of the device followed by a Q&A section where you can learn more about the company and ask any questions about this exciting investment opportunity.

Written by Daryna Putintseva

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